Frequently Asked Questions

What does BnB Host Management do?

BnB Host Management provides experienced Property Management Services. We are committed to helping owners who want to maximise SHORT TERM RENTAL value as an alternative to traditional Long-term Rental.

What type of properties do you manage?

Holiday Houses, Investment Properties and Apartments. Most of our properties are located in tourist areas around Australia, Beachside Holiday locations, popular corporate hubs and anything close to the CBD.

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests. There is a strict qualification that needs to be met quarterly to continue as a Superhost.

What happens if a guest damages the property?

All our listings have strict rules of No Pets, No Parties, No Smoking.
This Policy successfully deters bucks/hens' weekends. Our strict sifting and qualifying formula for the "right" kind of tenants reduces the risk of anything like this happening. The Airbnb Host Guarantee also protects hosts up to $1,000,000 should accidents happen.

What is your pandemic strategy?

To keep our business afloat during the Pandemic, our successful survival strategy was to convert all our short-term CBD Properties into long term tenancies. This has been quite an eye opener and confirmed our long-held belief that short-term guests treat properties with far more respect and appreciation than traditional long-term tenants. This strategy with our CBD Properties will continue until September 2021; until all the Major Events return to Melbourne. However Beachside and Rural properties are now ready and open for bookings for the short-term stays summer boom.

With the Pandemic almost over, is now a good time to put my property on the short-term rental market?

For regional and rural areas in Victoria, there is no doubt, now is the time to relaunch short stay holiday listings. If you have a Melbourne Metro CBD Property we advise to hold off until the major events return to Melbourne.

Why would I choose short term stays rather than a long-term tenant?

It is our long-held belief that short-term guests treat properties with far more respect and appreciation than traditional long-term tenants. All our listings are cleaned by professional cleaners after each booking, meaning it will be speck and span regularly, we have a no parties rule and we need the property in working order and therefore will ensure all maintenance is done in a timely manner (at the owner's cost). Relax & Reap the Rewards.

Can you look after a property in my area?

We can look after any property in all areas of Australia as long as it fits our model. We have systems and managers in place in all areas of Australia to help you Relax & Reap the Rewards.

How do I get started?

Please reach out via our Contact Us page or any of our contact details. We'll contact you immediately to find out more about your property and your personal wants and needs. We will answer any of your questions and make sure your property is a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. From there it can really be your ideal Relax & Reap the Rewards. If you would like to meet in person we can also arrange one of our experienced team members to meet with you and view the property. Our business is built on trust, relationships and results.