Property Management



BnB Host Management provides experienced Property Management Services. We are committed to helping owners who want to maximise SHORT TERM RENTAL value as an alternative to traditional Long term Rental.

We offer a more secure and financially rewarding alternative to traditional Long term Rental using the on trend Airbnb and other trusted short stay booking platforms.

We are committed to helping you transform your investment property into an asset that produces higher returns than traditional long term renting.

Our goal is to ensure your guests enjoy a five-star stay in your property.

We take care of everything for you. More profit, less stress. We will ensure that every short stay is a success.

All properties managed by BnB Host Management are featured on the PROPERTIES page of our website.


We take care of everything every step of the way including guest bookings and payments, guest communications.

We organise all cleaning, and maintenance issues.

We will 100% take care of advertising. No advertising fees.

We send you a monthly report and deposit your share of the monthly profit directly into your preferred account.

50% - 100% increase in your cash flow compared to long term tenants.

We understand how the Airbnb algorithm formula works and how to get the best results to work in your favour.

We screen all your guests by checking their previous reviews and insist on Government ID eg. Drivers license or passport.

Staging, Styling & Photography.

Professional cleaning after every guest check out.

Regular inspections

Less wear and tear on your home compared to normal long term tenants.

We will treat your property as we would our own.

You can still stay in your property provided it isn’t already booked. We just need 3 days notice.


Joseph Yu, Elite Real Estate

I am Joseph Yu, Senior Property Manager of Elite Real Estate and we have four properties under the care of BnB Host Management.

We have never had any issues with monthly payments, the properties are all being taken good care, every routine inspection, the condition of the properties are just look like those fabulous photos they put on their website. We often find it is risky and unreliable to deal with tenant who use property to run short stay or Airbnb arrangement but BNB Host Management totally overturned this impression. The managers, David and Robyn are very warm, polite people and very easy to deal with, and most importantly, they value our relationship and treat the properties as if they are their own. Even during the most turmoil season in the Covid 2020, BnB Host Management never left us down with any payments or contract issues, and we have been always approached with a satisfactory solution no matter how bad the market is.

I highly recommend BnB Host Management if you are thinking of putting your property via Airbnb service, you will get totally hassle free, reliable and unparalleled service from them.

Joseph Yu,
Senior Property Manager, Elite Real Estate


We will communicate with your guests, on your behalf, right from the moment they make an inquiry into your property. We will close the deal quickly, ensuring that guests are well aware of house guide lines. There will be no false claims or wrong expectations in order to avoid misunderstandings. The best policy is honesty.

We communicate with guests in an effective manner. We understand how critical it is to always contact guests before and after check in and before and after check out. This minimises problems and lets us provide solutions and assistance to guests if there is an issue. Quick problem solving solutions ensures you get a five-star review.

If you're interested in exploring the prospect of owning a five-star SHORT TERM STAY (holiday stay) Airbnb property, lets talk about how we can help you with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Marketing

Step 3: Earning